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Why Are Nail Trims Important?

We have all been scratched by dog nails. Some dogs have sharp talons and some have just super large fat nails. What should your dog's nails look like and how do their nails effect their health?

Your dogs nails should look like the properly trimmed nail in the picture below. However, most dog owners need to know how to get their dog's nails to that point and keep them that way.

Whether you do your dog's nails or pay someone to do them, the nail can only be taken back as far as the kwik will allow. Cutting a dog's kwik hurts them and it will bleed like crazy. Clipping the nail right up to the kwik causes the blood supply to recede over time. To achieve a receding blood supply or kwik, you will need to have your dog's nails done weekly or biweekly depending on how fast they grow. Getting the dog on a regular nail trim schedule is ideal to get their nails shorter over time.

Having short well kept nails for your dog improves their life. Every dog's joints are effected by their nails. If their nails are too long over time, they can cause joint damage. Nails that are too long can also curl and cut into your dog's pads causing them major pain and surgery to remove. Not to mention, long nails hurt when your dog jumps on you or someone else.

Your dog's nail health is important for many reasons. If you have questions about your dog's nails, be sure to ask your local groomer or vet. Just remember, it takes time to get a dog's nails perfect. Staying on top of them will benefit you and your dog.

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