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Doggie Daycare in Tulsa

Most breeds need from 30 minutes to 3 hours of exercise a day for good health. Our 2,000 square feet of inside play space provides plenty of room for your dog to run, jump, chase, fetch, and roll. All dogs are free to run and play as they’d like during the day and will have constant interaction and supervision. 


The two open, indoor playrooms are equipped with plush toys, balls, and plenty of new friends to meet. There are three, quarter-acre play areas for those guests who prefer the outdoors.

(We include Cat Boarding, but not daycare)


So join the Doggie D'Tails family for your loved ones!

They're Just Like Us

Doggie daycare is much like daycare for human children. Your dog will become socialized while exercising his/her mind and learning new skills. These activities will help your dog with self-control, obedience, sharing toys, and becoming a better family member.


  • Non-aggressive and friendly with other dogs



  • Spayed/neutered by 7 months of age



  • Proof of Current Rabies, Parvo, Lepto, Distemper Vaccinations



  • Bordatella (kennel cough) EVERY 12 months




Well Excersized

A well-exercised and socialized dog is a fun dog to have in your home, less likely to be destructive or disobedient. As long as your dog meets the requirements below, you are welcome to drop them off anytime within normal business hours.


Whether you are going to work and plan to leave your dog all day or just running to the market and need us for a few hours, we are here offering you Doggie D'Tails anytime you need us!


(Doggie D'Tails does NOT offer dog walks)


Daycare reservations are not necessary except during holiday weekends as space is limited. Daycare on holidays is on a first-call, first-serve basis.
Note: Thursdays and Fridays fill up quickly. Please schedule these days by Monday of the same week to save your spot.

Payment for daycare will be collected upon pick up. We ask for your consideration in picking up your dogs by closing.  Any dog left more than 10 minutes after closing will be boarded and charged accordingly.

Indoor Doggie

Play Area

Indoor play areas (for dogs only) have skylights that give a bright homely atmosphere


For added fun and exercise, Doggie D'Tails offers many colorful and interesting toys for your pet.


We ensure that your dog is monitored with other dogs of their kind and size.

Outdoor Doggie

Play Areas

Doggie D'Tails has an outdoor “mini-park” that is totally surrounded by safety fences–but we don’t stop there. 


The dig-proof fence around our outdoor exercise area also has safety tip-in tops, making it almost 7 feet high and preventing even the most determined “escape artist” from climbing it or tunneling under it.

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