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Dog & Cat Grooming in Tulsa

With The Highest Care

At Doggie D’Tails we believe that every pet deserves to be pampered.

Dog & Cat grooming helps maintain a healthy pet.

We specialize in grooming large breed dogs.

What We Offer

  • Ear cleaning


  • Hair Removal (Plucking)


  • Anal Gland Expression


  • Cutting Nails and Filing


  • Blowout and Style


  • Low Shed Treatment (Great for double coated dogs!)


  • Trim face, Feet & Sanitary Area

  • Bows


  • Cologne


  • Designer Bows


If your dog is matted, we will discuss with you the degree and if we think we will be able to remove them without discomfort. De-matting without pain takes skill and patience, so it is important that you let us know of any matting when making the appointment so your dog’s service can be scheduled with extra time allowed.

  • De-matting fees are $15 per 30 minutes of de-matting in addition to the price of the groom.

  • De-matting will not be performed on a dog that has severe matting to the skin or on a dog that is elderly or has medical conditions.


  • Designer bows


  • Professional cut with blowout & style


  • Spa bathCutting Nails and Filing


  • Anal Gland Expression


  • Hair removal ( plucking)


  • Ear cleaning

Nail Clipping & Grinding

If the thought of nail clipping your dog’s nails is frightening, you aren’t alone.
Most people ask their veterinarian to do this task.


Ideally, you should start clipping nails when your dog is young so he can get used to having his feet handled regularly. Desensitizing your dog to having his paws handled will have a few other benefits too: it will make it easier for groomers or your vet to handle your dogs' feet and will also mean if your dog is injured you will be able to examine his paws easier.


An essential part of pet grooming is the trimming of your pet’s nails. If you live in a house with wooden floors, the click, click, click of your pet’s nails when they walk on that floor can drive you crazy.


Not only is it irritating for the members of your family, it is an indication that your animal’s nails need to be cut. This is important because long nails can cause pain to your animal’s feet and they can be used as a weapon whether on purpose or by accident. The nails can also cause damage to furniture or carpet.


There are blood vessels and nerve endings. If you should happen to cut into this vein, the nail will begin to bleed and cause the dog pain. If your pet shows any sign of pain or discomfort, stop clipping the nail and examine your dog for injury. Pet grooming experts use special precautions when clipping the nails of a dog or cat.


The nail trimmers must be able to securely go over the diameter of the nail and not angled at all. To try this task at home, one must know where to cut and how deep down the nail to clip. The trick is to locate the "quick" and not to cut into it. There is a vein that runs part way up the nail starting at the base.

Al La Carte


  • Anal Gland Expression



  • Medicated Shampoo



  • Tea Tree ~ Oatmeal shampoo



  • Flea & Tick Baths



  • Peppermint( for an arthritic dog)



  • Deep Sea Mud Bath



  • Ferminating (de-shedding)

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